Paced Learning

What is "Paced Learning"?

I'm trying something new! Most courses these days are either video-based training or multi-day courses where student are inundated with a ton of material over three or five days. Both of these modalities have their place. I love the teaching process and it led me to think about a new way to teach: Paced Learning.

These courses are taught over a six-week period — with a two-hour virtual class every week. Between each class, students will work on a lab where they get hands-on experience with the technology. I'll be reviewing the lab projects before the next class and give feedback to keep them on pace. The goal of Paced Learning is to give students the long-lasting knowledge to understand how technology works, as well as why you would use a particular skillset.

Each course will feature:

  • Six-weeks of in-depth instruction.
  • Weekly instructor-led review of labs.
  • Each week, a live two-hour class via Zoom.
  • A discussion board for the instructor to interact with the students.
  • All labs will be posted to a private group on GitHub to encourage feedback and review.
  • Live captions available for non-English speakers.
  • Class videos will be available for 3 months after the course is completed.
  • The discussion board will be available for six months after the course is completed.

Ready to get started?

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